nRF24L01+ethernet ALMOST successful

Hi All,
I am trying to set up some home automation. I am having trouble getting the ethernet side running. The code I am using is from this Electro Dragon page:

  • The wiring is done exactly how it is on that page (pins 9 through 13).
  • On the sender side, I am using an arduino uno+ethernet shield w/ an nRF24L01 module
  • On the receiver side, I am using an arduino nano with an nRF24L01 module.

The Serial on the receive side outputs "hello", exactly like it should. The only problem is, it only does it once. Shouldn't it do it over and over again? Am I not understanding some piece of code that makes it not loop? Every time I hit the hard reset button on sender side, the receive side will receive and output "hello" again, but just the one time. Thoughts? Thank you!

It is better if you post your code. The example code at the link you provided uses D10 as the CS for that nRF24 code, and the ethernet shield uses D10 for its CS.