nrf24l01+ for commercial home automation ?

i have been working with the nrf24l01+ modules for wire less data transmission in automating some aspects around my house. so far so good.
it led me to wonder why there are no products in the market that use this technology, especially since it is so cheap to implement compared to x-bee and z-wave.
it has good range in the house even through walls, can create network when range is an issue, pretty reliable as well.
am i missing something ?

If you keep looking around, you'll find that a number of people have produced
Arduino boards that mount the nRF2401+ modules.

Personally, I tried those modules and found the usable range to be only about 10m,
which is basically only good for inside the same room. I much prefer the XBee Pro
modules for better range, even though more expensive. I've also been playing with
the RFM12B modules, which run at 433 Mhz and are also cheap [about $6], and
have about a 40m range, so would work anywheres within the typical house.