nRF24L01 large network help

Good afternoon,

At the moment what i have setup is a OpenHAB Controller running on a raspberry pi which is also running MQTT Broker (Mosquitto) and then two arduinos, 1 as a Action node to turn on and off lighting and the other arduino as a Sensor node keeping track of the state of a light switch connected to it as a pushbutton. Everything is working perfectly apart from a little 1 second time delay between pressing the lightswitch and the light coming on. Everything is communicating without fail using nRF24L01 modules.

The question i would like some assistance with is, how many of these nodes can i have connected to the controller. I can see from the datasheet and some research work around the internet that these modules are 6 data pipe MultiCeivers. Does this literally mean i can only have 6 nRF24L01’s talking to each other? If so, i would like to go down the route of having repeaters in my network, so my gateway/controller is talking to 4 repeating gateways, which in turn are then listening to another gateway each, then they are connected to the nodes themselves. Is this possible?

My desired mapping would be as per the attached image.

Now, my first instincts are to the use the RF24Mesh library (link), now because i’m already running my MQTTController which uses node addresses to communicate with the other nodes, would you think that i needed to remove this file which runs in the background and install this new RF24MeshGateway file, editing it to use TCP/IP rather than pipe addresses? I don’t feel that this would work because i then lose my communication to the MQTT Broker running on the same system then, maybe i need to remove parts of the file and still install the meshgateway file.

As you can see, I’m very uncertain, which is why i came to the trusted help of the community.

Hope someone can shed some light on this situation, thanks in advance, Sam.