Nrf24l01 module not working

My nrf 24 module with an amplified antenna is not working . i am using an arduino uno as a transmitter and mega as the reciver . I am using rf24 library and running its example code but reciving no data. plz help me with that

Use a decent 3.3V supply (at least for the high power module).

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Please post your code

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have you tried with non-amplified antenna?

I am using rf24 library and running its example code

Which library and example code are you using? Did you double check the pinout?

I used Robin2's simple rf24 tutorial to get my radios to work.

The rf24 radios need more current than most of the 3.3V regulators on Arduinos can supply. A 10uF (min) cap across the radio power terminals close to the module will sometimes help. There are adapters available with a separate regulator.

The high power radios may not work if too close together. Separate them by a few meters.

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