NRF24L01 modules and the RF24libs

So, Im interested in using some more power efficient modules for sensor telemetry and the NRF24L01 units seem quite suited.

I see theres some good libraries floating around (including tmr's which seem significant) but before I get sucked massively into documentation I had a couple of questions, which can hopefully pick the brains of others with more experience.

  1. Is there a mechanism to manage access control (eg only 'authorised' sensors can connect to a master node).

  2. Is there a chip level unique ID for the NRF modules.

  3. Do the libraries implement frequency hopping?

Communication between two nRF24s requires the TX to know the address you have assigned to the RX. There are approximately 2555 variations available to you. These addresses will be included in your program code.

I am not aware of any unique ID for the modules.

They don’t utilize frequency hopping automatically. A TX and an RX must both work on the same channel. Your code could change the channel if you can ensure that both parties make the same change at the same time.

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

Thanks Robin, the lack of unique id is unfortunate, but I can work around that. Im surprised at the frequency hopping, but that could be a nice challenge.

Doesn't frequency hopping just pollute the airwaves for other people?


will you be using SD cards with these nRF modules?

@Robin, not really.... a properly implemented FH system improves overall throughput and due to its agility should reduce overall interference. Of course given the unregulated nature of the ISM band, its messy as hell anyway.

@Kris, no. why do you ask?