NRF24L01 Multiple Transmitters One Reciever

Hello Community,

I am working on sensor network using arduino and nrf240l1 modules.
I want to have around 20 transmitters and one receiver. Here i only want that 1st transmitter sends data to receiver and then 2nd, 3rd etc., i.e one by one all 20 sends data, not all the transmitter simantaneously.

I have read that 6 Transmitters can create this mesh network but i want to extend to 20.

How can I Do that?

Thank You.!


Just let the one receiver collect the data that is sent to it from all the stations.
A single packet exchange is very fast, so twenty sensors impose no load on the network,
if they only send their data once a second.

Most sensors don't need to report more often (temperature, humidity etc.),
and the sensors can send data anytime if they have to report immediately
(open door, motion detection etc.).

Also sleeping of sensors is very hard, if they are polled.

Just include a source and or type field to the report, so the receiver knows who sent what.

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