nRF24l01 multiple transmitters to one receiver

Hi, I have the same requirement whe I will have 1 Master and 4 slaves. Sometimes the 4 slaves will send data at the same time. Have you done this? Im new with this device and in case you recommend it to me I will buy 5 of them to try what I want to do. Appreciate it

I guess you have not studied the examples in the link in Reply #13? They include an example with 2 slaves that can easily be extended to a larger number.


Unless you mean “the same time” as the same millisecond you will probably be fine i think it can handle around 1 message every 2 to 3 ms, as long as you deal with incoming data fast.

Woow nice nice. I will try with the code that worked for you and see how it goes. Appreciate it

You have to decrease this delay in the receiver:



One of the last lines in the code.

If you want to speed things up even more try using interrupt on the irq pin
Best of luck!

Please Can you help me please ?

I did copy-paste as Swe-dude's code but data on pip=5 always come to recever. How I can change data on pip =2 ,3,4.

I Used one Receiver three transmitter.ALL data come data on pip =5

Please Can you help me please ?

This is an old Thread. Please give us details of what you are doing, including posting your program and telling us in detail what happens when you run it.

I assume you have carefully studied my Tutorial?