NRF24L01 node00 sending values to node01 and node02 simultaneously

Have been playing with coding for this for a while and am stuck. Looking for an idea on which way to go. I have 3 nodes 00, 01 and 02. Node 00 is controlling 9 servos a total 3 on each node during the same loop.

I need multiple data sent to node 01 and 02.

This will be used to send around 1000 commands in sequence and eventually randomly.

Can I send a servo ID and value simultaneously?

Can I address a servo ID using a unique header for every servo?

Sent from node00.

void loop(){


node1 servo0 pos10

node1 servo1 pos50


node1 servo0 pos40

node2 servo1 pos120

node2 servo2 pos10



Let the following sink in, study the data sheet, then most of your questions are answered.

NRF24L01+ packets can be up to 32 bytes in length,
and the optional ACK can contain the same amount.

Nodes can listen to up to 6 addresses at the same time,
each address can be configured to generate an ACK,
and three at a time could also send back data in that process.

There is no limit on how many nodes listen to one address,
as long as at most one, sends back an ACK.

Normal sends request an ACK, which also includes a number of automatic retries,
if no ACK is received.
Sends can explicitly request no ACK, allowing many nodes to receive the same message.
There will be no automatic retries in that case.

Some ideas for your project:

I would not use the network layer for such a simple setup of three nodes.
I would follow a "listen, if you don't have something to transmit" strategy.

If nodes should receive some information at the same time, I would use one address
for this type of information (RX: no-ACK, TX: no-ACK)

I would give each node its personal (+ACK) address, for all the personal data.

I would put all packet data into structs, which allows easy access on both sides.

I would not use any delay(), or other blocking code.

Have a look here, This Guy does an in-depth tutorial on them, Sounds like what you need, I followed it and successfully created my own network following it and along the way I learnt loads from him.

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