nRF24L01 one to many communication

Hello, I would like to make one to many communication using nRF24L01+Arduino Mega with Mirf library. For example I would have 5 devices and on one device I would like to send message on rest of 4 devices at once. The first thing that came to my mind is to set address on Data_pipe_0 same on all devices and Data_pipe_1 address to be unique. When I would like to use 1:M communication I just need to send message on common address. But I don't know what will happens when I have set same target and receiving address and also what will happened with ACK system how it will respond on multiple ACK response. But right now I don't have enough devices to try it.

Can someone give me some hint how to do it or another approach to solve this problem?

Thanks for any suggestions

I was trying to do that very thing. I had set up 3 remotes talking to one central Uno board (which never originated any tx itself) all on the same rx/tx addresses. Seemed to be fine, wasn't having any trouble. Then I added a 4th and communication became extremely erratic.

So I am assuming the Acks and retries start flying around to the wrong sender and gum things up.

I really hoped to get as many as 10 remotes running and just sending data one-way to a main receiver every fews seconds or minutes and not caring about lost data from time to time, given the interval I'd be sending data.

I just didn't want the bother of programming each one separately with a unique address, not to mention the limitation of 5 remotes to one master.

Edit: And no sooner do I write the above but I discover this topic Please review my RF24 IoT network - Networking, Protocols, and Devices - Arduino Forum