NRF24L01 over SPI vs I2C

I want to connect a NRF24L01+ module to my Arduino.

I bought an SPI adapter board.

I have since discovered the I2C/SPI adapter board.

What are the pros/cons of using I2C vs SPI and/or which connection type is recommended/preferred?

Appreciate input/recommendations.

Spi pros: faster, easier code (not sure)
Cons: uses more pins (3 + n devices)

I2C pros: uses just 2 pins with any number of devices.
Cons: slower, more complex code.

For that antenna, unless you are connecting many antennas to one arduino (which i dont think is necesarry because they can work as a mesh network right?), just go for spi.

Well, are you trying to put NRF2401 as a slave device?
If so, please consider SPI first since some of the nordic device does NOT support i2c slave.

The defects for SPI is that you need one unique CSN for every device if you have many devices on your spi bus.

Otherwise, spi will be more fit since it could be full-duplex.

Another thing is that, arduino UNO only support 1 byte transfer mode instead of block transfer.

I just recall there is one series of arduino which can fully support SPI function. You can take a look at it on Web

Sorry, one more thing. BE CAREFULL about the level shift since some NRF is 3.3V while arduino could be 5V

For my application I will have a central unit with an NRF24L01+ transceiver and several sensors, each with an NRF24L01+ transceiver.
The central unit will log the inputs transmitted by the sensors.

If I can get it working, I will use the network layer of the RF24 library to extend range.