NRF24L01+PA+LNA not Working

That's weird, but something similar happened to me. Found out afterwards that the nRF had died.

Hopefully that didn't happen to you.

While switching off auto-ack allows operation of bad clones, it also suppresses any retries.

On my bench setups, packets without retry are rather rare.

Ummm. Just started working again, but it seems very finicky. Reading most packets and then stopping for a minute.

Breadboards are not reliable.

Yeah, I did switch back on auto-ak.

Print the number of retries after each send,
that gives you a good indication of the connection reliability.

How do I do that?


I have had similar issues as you've described. For me, the device did not function with the data rate set to 250kbs, my devices only worked with 1MB data rate. Try to change the data rate, and then, confirm that the NRF modules are using 3.3v supply. NOTE: If you have the break-out boards for the NRFs, then you can use 5v, as the break-out board has a 3.3 regulator built in

One thing to mention is that noise could be a problem when you're on channel 1.

use radio.getARC()

Returns automatic retransmission count (ARC_CNT)

Value resets with each new transmission. Allows roughly estimating signal strength.

OP's breakout doesn't. Or at least doesn't look like it does.


Changing the data rate now. I don't have the breakout. I soldered my own mini one.

I hope with the obligatory stabilization capacitors around the chip.


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I just tried changing the data rate to 1MBPS and the channel to "00011". It worked for a little and then is now stopped again.

The lower the data rate, the higher the reach and probably the region of overpowering.
You could try 2M bit too.

I just tried 2MBPS. Now no data received. I also changed out the NRF24L01+PA+LNA for another one. Still nothing.

Nothing means "send failed" and "used 15 retries" messages on the sender,
and "one second with any packet" messages on the receiver?

And I have never had a reliable setup with NRFs and breadboards.

I was still using my code. I am switching to Robin2's code right now.