NRF24l01+PA+LNA version - 5V pin with regulator or external power supply?

If I know well, the arduino 3.3V pin can draw 50mAh, and this isn't enough for the high power nrf24 radio module which has a max current draw of about 125mA.

But the 5V pin can draw 200mAh, so can I connect the radio module there with a linear voltage regulator, like an LM317T, or is it better to use an external power supply?

Yes. I use LM1117 3.3V regulators for that purpose.

You are misusing mAh. The mAh (milliamp hour) is a measure of battery capacity, not current.

For the high-power module I would prefer a separate source of power. Inadequate power is a common cause of problems with an nRF24 and the symptoms might be mistaken for software problems. A pair of AA alkaline cells (3v) is a good source of power, at least while testing.

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Yeah, I meant "mA". Thanks for the answers!