Are they programmed in the same way ? NRF24L01 VS NRF24L01+PA+LNA

i can programming the without antenna model but I bought the antenna pattern, this is not working.

Both versions use the same library and coding methods. However, if they are close together, the TX can overload the RX even at the low power setting. You can also use 10dB attenuators in place of the antennas for bench testing.

thank you Eddie have a good works

Hi, You will need to supply more current to the bigger NRF to allow for the extra Tx power.

Tom... :)

hi tom that is nrf24l01+pa+lna model ?

Here is an adapter that will solve the power problem.

Hi, Check spec for NRF24L01

The NRF24L01 needs about 12mA on Tx.

Check spec for NRF24L01+pa+lna

The pa+LNA needs 115mA peak Current.

Tom... :) I'd get the adapter Arctic_Eddie has linked.

thank you guys i will use nrf-plus model (pa +lna) adapter is good idea :)