NRF24l01 +PA +LNA

Hello Everyone.

Thank you in advance for your help. I have 2 NRF24l01 +PA +LNA modules communicating and I have achieved 150m line of sight with the following values:

radio.setPALevel(RF24_PA_MIN); // RF24_PA_MIN ,RF24_PA_LOW, RF24_PA_HIGH, RF24_PA_MAX
radio.setDataRate(RF24_250KBPS); // RF24_250KBPS, RF24_1MBPS, RF24_2MBPS

My question is more around LNA. Unfortunately I cannot find the reference to the document, but I read or may have misunderstood the document, but is there an actual LNA setting? If I remember the document correctly, it was a Boolean setting of 0 or 1.

I've been looking through different setups in forums and github, but there is no reference to LNA.

Thanks again for your help.


If you look in the library files, RF24.CPP and RF24.H there are several references to LNA settings.

And the library documentation on Github also references the LNA settings;

Thanks for the information. I don't mean to sound like an noob, but how do you implement it?

Is it based on the setPALevel setting only or is there an actual parameter to set? Sorry, I'm a bit confused about this part.



Read the reference documentation, the link was given.

The function is as documented;

setPALevel(level, lnaEnable);

Level is as shown and lnaenable = 1 turns the LNA on, lnaenable = 0 turns it off.

In practice turning the LNA on make very little difference distance wise, which can be the case with cheap LNAs.

I appreciate the help, but my point about being confused is due to that fact that I have tried it based on the documentation, and you have confirmed how to implement it, but it does not work. I confirmed the lnaenable and disable is in the .cpp and .h files, but it is not recognized.

I have attached both vscode and arduino ide results.

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The error you see is to be expected, your sketch does not know what lnaEnable is, try this;


To turn the LNA on.


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