nRF24L01 pairing?

Hi Guys,

I've been looking into these (nRF24L01) chips for a project I'm working on. XBees are becoming a tiny bit expensive.. not to mention their footprint compared to the nRF24L01.

My question is... can two nRF24L01's be locked together like XBees can, so they will only communicate with each other and nothing else? I haven't been able to find much of an answer on google but I could be asking all the wrong questions :slight_smile:

Hi, I have been working on pairing of NRF24L01's

My application is for a single node (that takes in wired data) and send it wirelessly to several receiving nodes which then convert the data back to wired

see the project HERE

I decided I wanted to have the following features :

HOST Transmitter :

  • on first time powerup the HOST creates a unique 40bit ID and saves it to EEPROM
  • on power up HOST does a full channel search to discover the channel with least traffic
  • after the search the HOST sets up its config using channel 82 and a default ID of 0xFFFFFFFFFFLL
  • HOST transmits identical data packets containing the 40bit unique ID and clear channel, for 10s
  • after the data bursts the HOST returns to normal use using its 40bit ID on the clear channel

CLIENT Receivers :

  • on powerup each transmitter set its config to receive on channel 82 using 0xFFFFFFFFFFLL ID
  • receivers wait for the specific pairing config data to arrive (from 0 sec burst from host)
  • Once pairing config is received the receivers ID and channel are changed to it
  • normal receive service is resumed

My application is not duplex, the HOSTs only transmit, the CLIENTS only receive, there is no hand shaking. so this is a pseudo-pairing

I also have a manual pairing mode

NOTE : the reason I use channel 82 is that in the US channels 0-83 only can be used, I just decided to limit the project to that