NRF24L01 - problem

Hello guys, so I had these two codes for the receiver and transmitter for the NRF communication modules and it worked perfectly until recently… I might have changed something unwillingly but I can’t seem to find what is wrong. I am using an UNO and a NANO. The connections are both correct (they used to work just fine like this at least…

NANO: CE - 4, CSN - 3, SCK - 13, MOSI - 11, MISO - 12
UNO: CE - 9, CSN - 8, SCK - 13, MOSI - 11, MISO - 12

The wiring is good 100% because everything is connected by a printed circuit board.

Does anyone know what is going on?

Any answer is appreciated.

Receiver.ino (808 Bytes)

Transmitter.ino (789 Bytes)

I am assuming you are using the same printed circuit board and that it worked earlier. If you are talking about the NFR24L01 circuit board all bets are off. Why not try your archive code from when it worked, that will give you a big clue of where to look. It is also possible you damaged one of the NFR24L01 devices.

The wierd thing is that I have a working code in which the NRFs work perfectly fine (the same ones). And the shocking thing is that this code was built using these two codes. I tried exchanging the NRFs countless times (I have many of them). I also checked with a multimeter that all pins are actually connected and if they are connected to the right pin.