NRF24l01 problem


I have spent a lot of time programing the NRF code for my end project in high school but I, don’t know why, can’t do it.
My project contains two NRF moduls. One is in the motorbike and one is in the backpack. When I turn on the blinker the LEDs on backpack nedds to blink, and when I break, the breaking light should turn on.

I have writen the code for transmitting the signals by wire, but it will be better to transmitte the signal by wireless comunication.

I used three analog inputs and three digital outputs and the program with wires is working well.

I found this two programs on internet for the project, but one (FHQIN%T…TG.ino) is not working it has a error.

Is it possible to help me?

Thank you for your answer.

Matej M.

FHQIN5TIIYZ09TG.ino (3.88 KB)


Please do this:

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In your receiver program you have

    done =, sizeof(input));

which is where the error occurs.

The read() function does not return a value, rather it populates the data item directly, hence the error
Change the line to, sizeof(input));

Take a look at Simple nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver demo for examples of Tx and Rx

@UKHeliBob thank you for your time and help i will try your sugestion.