NRf24L01 Remote Project for two way control of relays, led's and buttons Help

I’m making an airsoft project in which I have 2 boxes, 1 for each team. I would like the boxes to communicate back and forth using the nano and nrf24L01’s with led’s, and buttons, which indicate that Blue team or red team have taken objectives, and when the other team takes back the objectives(flags). My question is more about help in pointing me to maybe a similar 2 way project that both boxes do basically the same thing weather or not one has to be the master box or slave box. I was assuming when I started the project they would both be the same box with the same buttons and led’s. I want to add relays in both boxes as well if possible, but if not just in the receiving box is fine. I have made an airsoft bomb prop last year that I may add an nrf24L01 to let the other two boxes for each team know when the bomb it set (but that’s for later). It’s a big project but i know with a bit of pointers it can be done. I appreciate any help you guys could give me. I’ll add a picture of the box design I’m designing so far for an idea of what it looks like. Thanks again This is the closest Project I could find, but not too clear for me 2 4G Transceiver nRF24L01 Module - YouTube

Well, for starters you could try to break up in events / scenario's. I read your post 3 times and I'm still like whut...? I think it would help yourself to better understand and you're likely to get more feedback on the forum

Try somethin like:

  • When team red puts item x in red box:

box registers which item
user pushes button
red box send message to blue box that it now contains item x

Just my 2c

I agree with mrExplore, your questions are too general to answer easily. If you have questions of a more specific nature we would be glad to help.