Nrf24l01+ remote

I woukd like to use a NRF24L01+ remote to control two motors on my kayak via arduino uno. First motor is a trolling motor. I need to be able to turn it on, off, switch from fwd, and rev, and control speee via potentiometer. Second motor will be a power window worm motor to tilt the trolling in and out of the water. What size receiver would i need to accomplish this?

What size receiver would i need to accomplish this?

Do you mean receiver or Arduino ?

Each end of your wireless link needs an Arduino and an nRF24 - I presume you have studied my Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial that I gave you a link to in your earlier Thread on the same subject

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You will also need a motor driver between the Arduino and each motor and that needs to be selected to suit the motor. It must be capable of supplying the maximum current the motor can take and must be able to operate at whatever voltage the motor is supplied with.

My guess is that a trolling motor will draw a heavy current, and so can window-winder motors. But you need to supply the details. The Pololu website has a range of motor drivers and similar devices are available elsewhere.

Another option is an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) which appears to the Arduino like a servo. They can be an economic solution for a high-current motor. The Hobby King website has a wide range of ESCs. Note, however, that many of them don't have reverse as they are intended for model aircraft.