NRF24l01 rookie needing help

Hi, a rookie need help to undestand !

First of all, I do not own any nrf24l01 module yet. I just want to make sure it can work before buying some of these. (for my first project I encountered a lot of disappointment)

I red a lot of stuff over the internet and i'm still not sure of how they work.

Situation: I succefully made a projet containing one base (nano, lcd, rtc, 433mhz transmitters) that send signal, at a given time from the RTC1302, with a 433mhz transmitter to 4-6 controllers (nano, 433mhz receivers and some motor) to open/close my blinds. So i'm controlling some distant motors by 433mhz RF. I can send a general code so all motor can react at the same time or I can also send a code with an ID to have a single motor to react.

Problem: Now I wish to be able to receive the reel status of those motors. So i can know at the "base" if the motor really got the 433 rf signal and did its work. I would also like to be able to use a ethernet shield to control the motor.

Now i wish to have some idea or option for my project:

-The range is not really the problem, the 433mhz seem to work well. I really wish to be able to receive back data from the motor. DO YOU THINK I CAN SIMPLY ADD A 433mhz TRANSMITTER TO MY MOTOR TO SEND BACK DATA ? (so they will have a receiver and a transmitter)

-I'll be honest, I don't really understand the pipe thing of the nrf24l01 and this is my main issue. So can I use all the same pipe for all my node if I need to send/receive to/from all of them ? How is it working if I have one base and maybe 5-6 node ? In my "base" code I can only use one pipe to receive and another one to send ? Like I said I don't understand the pipe theory.

  • If i use the same pipes will it work only if i code a step by step procedure ? something like : send to node1 (with id in the data), wait for its answer, send to node2, wait for its answer, send to node3,....... or my base can receive a lot of data from all my node ? I guess all a the same time it won't work

Thank you