nRF24L01+ seem dead but shouldnt be

Hello, Im working on a project for school. We have to make a remote controller for an RC car (transmitter and receiver sides), we are trying to use the nRF24L01+ modules on 2 arduino pro mini's, which we read are very reliable, only we have not been able to get them to work. What I think happened is that we broke multiple modules, but we dont know how. I have tried printDetails, and this is what shows on the 2 modules.
Though the 2nd screenshot seems to be very unreliable, since when I try printing it multiple time, it mostly shows the same as module 1

I dont know if I might have broken the modules, which is unlikely since right before we had them communicating just fine on 2 different arduino UNO's. But once we connected them to the arduino pro mini's with the same code and wiring they stopped working ever since

Are you using the 3.3 volt of the pro-mini or the 5 volt version? How are you powering the nRF24L01?

I am using the 5V version, but we have worked around the fact that the module needs a 3.3V Vcc by adding a 1K resistor to the 5V line and a 2K resistor to the GND line, which should result in about 3.3V

Could it be that the digital pins output 5V to the chip causing it to break?

A resistor divider will not work for any power supply, use a regulator.

How much current was flowing when you measured 3.3 volts? Oh, you didn't measure the current. Oh, did you measure the voltage while then nRF24 was transmitting?

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The 3.3V was measured when nothing was plugged in
We did not measure current, but the chip worked when we first plugged it in though broke after the 2nd time powering it on

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