nRF24L01+ too many pins


I am using nRF24L01+ with my arduino but it uses too many pins. I know this module sends information and checks it back if the information was succesfully received. My question is this: I dont need to make sure the other arduino received the data, so could I reduce the number of pins used?

I just want to use one nRF24L01+ transreceiver as a TRANSMITTER and the other nRF24L01+ transreceiver as a RECEIVER. Does anyone know what pins shoudl I only use with these modules?

The nrf24L01+ uses SPI to communicate for setting up the chip. I don’t think you can leave any signals out.
You can use SPI to drive other parts also, with SCK-MISO-MOSI going to all devices, and each getting their own chip select.
What else do you have connected?

That tutorial looks like just the NRF24L01 module, not the NRF24L01**+** version

The + modules I have seen have only 8 pins, and as far as I have read you dont need to connect the IRQ

I saw this article a while back while looking for something else. fewer pins for nrf24. I have not tried this. Hope to help.

@mcnobby but connectin 7 pins is yet a lot! I think that if I am not receiving or transmitting, the transcreceiver module should demand less connection, isnt?

I don't know that module, but if it is using SPI then it is using the same pins for transmitting and recieving. So no, you can't save any pins if you are only doing one or the other.

using the SPI you have to send commands to the module so that you can read back the received data - the minimum pins you need are +v, 0v, CLK, MISO and MOSI (basically dataIn - dataOut pins) and the CE pin

I also saw that article on saving pins for the NRF, it was aimed at the smaller Atmel devices like the Attiny85 - I have tried this trick (or an adaptation of it) on the '85 so that I can use the left over pins for something else - IT WORKS !

There is more information on the 3-pin NRF control here

Really glad it all worked for you.. they can be awkward little buggers, but it is a great feeling when it all finally works

I shall be working on my single talker / multi receiver project today using the Nrf24l01 HERE

@GILPERON, I have just finished designing the dual mode PCB, looking forward to making a few of these :slight_smile: