NRF24L01 + vs ESP8266 vs Wifi Shield ?? I am a newbie


as per the title, I am totally a newbie, just started playing with the Arduino 3-4 days ago,, and know nothing about electrionic, but I am loving it :slight_smile:

I am trying to build a webserver using the arduino to send out IR to other appliance at home as my first project... so basically the webserver needs to connect to my access point at home, so any other phone/pc etc can browse to my webserver using ip etc.

so I just want to go with the easiest/cheapest module that I can do the above,

so after doing some research it looks like I can connect to a wifi AP using any one of the following component? NRF24L01 + vs ESP8266 vs Wifi Shield ? am i correct?

is the NRF24L01+ the cheapest option for that? any reference/sketch example would be great.



You need a link to your router: Either via ethernet shield (cabled) or via wifi with e.g. the esp8266.

[The NRF24L01(+) only allows for proprietary connections between the these devices.]