nrf24l01+ w/ RF24 trouble


Having trouble with the nrf24l01+ module and using the RF24 library. Before, I tested the modules with Radiohead so I know they work properly, but since I'm using the Servo library I'd prefer to use the RF24 which doesn't create a conflict.

Basically I made all the connections, uploaded the "Getting Started" example, but made serial indicate radio initialization failure if the radio.begin() function returns false. Whenever I run the program, it always indicates the radio wasn't initialized and attempts to send data result in failure (.write() method returns false). Examining the .begin function seems to indicate that it returns false if the module isn't responding, which doesn't make sense to me as it just worked with Radiohead.

My connections: Arduino radio 9 CE 10 CSE 13 SCK 11 MOSI 12 MISO

Also tried using pins 7 and 8 for CE and CSE, with the same result. Made sure the radio is constructed with the right parameters every time (i.e. RF24 radio(CE, CSE). Basically tried everything I can think of at this point. Has anyone recently got this radio to work with the RF24 library recently?

Edit: Sort of solved. Apparently it needs 2 working radios for the .write to return true. However, radio.begin() still returns false even though the radio was set up properly, which seems strange to me.