nRF24L01+ wifi code help

hi i have tryed to get my code work for 3 days now but i cant find any way my wifi cards works as i tested them with some test code.

so the problem is that slave does not react to my code eaven if master is wokring good.

master.txt (1.76 KB)

slave.txt (1016 Bytes)

I don't think the NRF24 is a WiFi device, so you might need to clarify your problem. You might also be so kind as to post your code in the proper manner. There are instructions on this at the head of the forum.

You may also benefit from this tutorial - Simple nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver demo

Hi Fabror,
an nRF24 is not a WiFi-device. So talking of a nRF24 is sufficient. It uses the same frequency 2,4 Ghz as WiFi-WLAN but that's all they have in common.

You should start from a working example-code for sender/receiver and then start to modify this example-code in small steps.

You have to choice between:

spending time for small step by step tests and learning how it works nearby


doing big modifications and spending time for wild guessings and a lot of try and error

There might be also hardware-issues which the tutorial mentioned above describes and how to solve them

best regards Stefan

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