nRF24L01p+ PA+ LNA+ V3.1 help needed (RF Module)

I have these set up and talking to each other. I can tell by the current draw that the transmitter is operating in the low power mode. I cannot find setup code to change to high power. Anyone use these high power units? Larry

Are you talking about 4 devices connected together?

Have you links to the datasheets for them?


Just one way from a transmitter to a receiver. I don't understand how to change output levels of the transmitter or the data rate. Larry

Neither do I since you didn't bother to provide links to datasheets or explain what each of the 4 items you mention is.


Its a transceiver rated with a 1000 meter range, Datasheet HERE. Its the same one I was going to get but it costs a lot of money.

trotterlg: I cannot find setup code to change to high power.

I haven't used the amplified versions, but I use the non-amplified versions with Maniacbug's RF24 library. This provides an API to set the power level, data rate, retry count/interval and so on. Perhaps the amplified version works the same way?