Nrf24le1. Modules

Does anyone know if these are available anywhere please, not the more common nrf24l01 version.

Im looking for a minimal remote sensing device using 2 wire sensors.


gargle NRF24le1

Try Banggood, DX, aliexpress.

Stacks of sellers.

Tom... :slight_smile:

I did but what i recieved was the standard one without the processor.

There seems to be a language or dyslexia problem.

Looking on the web i can find scholarly articles back to 2007 and questions relating to using it as a micropower remote sensor but nowhere can i find a practical implementation.

This surprises me and makes me wonder if there is a reason or possibly a fault with my thinking.

Nordic also has a developer forum, maybe you can get some information there.

I had no problem finding many of them on ebay.

thats similar to what i ordered 3 weeks ago.

Maybe it was a mistake but language barrier seems to be a problem.

Im trying to implement something like this

But in an open format.

Those are for closed ios applications and i cannot get enough data to use them.

The NRF24LE1 contains an NRF24L01 core (as far as i know), so maybe that contributes to the confusion.

The support at Nordic seems to be pretty good, application notes, community, ...

It would appear that bear labs nano is the device i need.

I would have preferred the other device for its longer range though.