Nrf24lo1 problem with softwear


I am working on a project that will transmit the signal from the motorbike signal lights and break light (arduino will detect the signals and transmit it through Nrf24l01) to a backpack with another arduino and nrf24l01. I have a software for the project from this side:
But I have trouble when I want to upload it. In the line 63 there is an error with the “done” part.

FHQIN5TIIYZ09TG.ino program with the error (reciver)
FECHBQ8IDPSCJQU.ino program for the transmittor

Can someone help me pleas I need this for my last project in my school.

Thanks for help Matej


FHQIN5TIIYZ09TG.ino (3.88 KB)

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