nRF52 project with ST-Link V2

I want to do a project with N52832 based boards. Those boards do not have a boot loader yet (or not the right one). I had no success with serial upload. I assume there has to be a valid boot loader to update to a new one - right?
But I have a ST-Link V2 (original), and just installed the STM driver with success. But it seems that Arduino set to Feather nRF52832 only supports J-Link. This is the only entry for programmer.
Do I need to edit some config file to use ST-Link?
Or should I use openOCD and program the boot loader for Feather in my board?
It would be cool if ST-Link cable would be supported for this, as it is cheap.
Does it makes sense to consider update the ST-Link V2 to a J-Link Lite (I found that there is a limited version for this)?
Hope someone has help!! :slight_smile:


I was able to set up my nRF52832 board with openOCD on a raspberryPi and flying wires from the RP pinheader to GND, VCC, SWDclk, SWDio pins. After i programmed the bootloader, I was able to use it in Arduino with USB cable. Upgrading ST-Link to J-Link with Segger upgrade is not sufficient to program as only STM parts are supported. But the -recover option 'nrfjprog -f nrf52 --recover' works and resulted in a blank device.

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