nRF52840 Dongle (PCA10059) how to get started


I am getting started with the nRF52840 Dongle (PCA10059)

I just flashed the bootloader from a nRF52840 Dongle (PCA10059).
I have added adafruit nrf52840 feather express to program the board.

When I choose the board adafruit itsybitsy nrf52840 I am able to blink the green led .

What is the best board to use for the dongle ?

How can I get access the second led ?

LD1 Green P0.06
LD2 Red P0.08
LD2 Green P1.09
LD2 Blue P0.12



Hi Barna,

Could you let me know if after you flash the bootloader you are able to programming the Dongle using Arduino interface

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