nRF8001 Bluetooth + SD Card

Hola Everyone.

I have an Arduino MEGA 2560, a nRF8001 Adafruit Bluetooth board, and a CATALEX SD adapter.

Bluetooth Link

SD Card Link:

I can hookup either the bluetooth board, or the SD adapter. But if Pin 50 MISO is connected, then only the SD Card will work. The board never advertises. As soon as I unplug the shared pin 50 tho, Bluetooth starts working.

Is there any way I can hook both these up at the same time? Is there something software wise? I am running the basic "CardInfo" from the SD Example and the Adafruit sample code.

I was hoping to send a Bluetooth command and have that play a music file on the SD. Do I need to use two arduinos?

Hi there,

Where did you get with your project? I realize it's been a while...

I am looking at doing something similar, the only difference is using an HC-06 Bluetooth board