NTC ID please.

I found lot's pf NTC Thermistors. Not sure how to interpret the 5D-9 marking. That is all the white papers say. This is the paper for the circuit.


Is MF72-5D9 the right part?


Thank You

Instead of making us guess, what are you trying to do?

Is this meant as some kind of soft start for the power supply?

I'm just making a General Purpose 5v power supply to run my Atmega on a breadboard and run a opto isolator. Perhaps a few LED's and switches, and LM35. The whitepapers circuit that I'm asking about shows that it is a power supply. Sorry I thought that was obvious. I'm trying to understand what part they are calling for in there drawing.

This is the White Paper for the "Easy" switcmode IC I bought.


The circuit shown in it is what I am trying to build.

Thank You.

I like the power supply modules.

As for the NTC, NTC 5D-9 Circuit Protection Thermistors, Inrush Current Limiter Resistance: 5 Ohms, Max Steady State Current: 3.0 Amps Size: 9mm Diameter, Lead spacing 8.5mm

like this: http://www.uxcell.com/ntc-5d9-inrush-current-limiting-power-type-thermistor-100-pcs-p-128490.html

Thank You Sir :) Finally. Someone who isn't trying to sell me on a linear supply.

Trying to order from Digi-key so as to save on shipping. They have all the other parts etc.

Will this one work?


Thank You

That would be best posed to DigiKey parts assistance.
Not sure on there price but http://www.amazon.com/Current-Limiting-Thermistor-NTC-5D-9/dp/B009JJ5LFM but $8.75 is not bad.

The one I found is 2$ :) I contacted the OEM of the IC. Hopefully they will help me find a suitable replacement.