Ntc Temperature Measurement

I got some Ntc 5D-11 5 ohm thermistor which I would like to measure the temperature with an arduino uno.

I have tried to make a schematics, but I am not sure if it is correct and how big the resistor should be?


Is there anyone who can help with that?

It should be said that the Ntc 5D-11 is not a measuring thermistor.
It is designed to protect power supplies from inrush current.
You will not see any change in your circuit in series with a 10k resistor.
You need a 1-10KOhm thermistor or LM35 temperature sensor.

Okay, will an MF58 10k ohm be able to do it and what about the schematics?


To use a thermistor to measure temperature, you would normally use a resistor of about the same value as the thermistor itself. In this case that would be 5 ohms. With a total resistance of only around 10 ohms, about 0.5A would flow. You would need an external PSU because usb could not provide this and power an Arduino. It would also be very wasteful of power and forget using this in a battery circuit. The high current would also cause heating in the thermistor, causing an incorrect reading. This is why, as mentioned above, this type of thermistor is not used to measure temperature.

If you want to measure temperature, get a ds18b20. Much easier to use.

This thermistor will work. You can see this tutorial Thermistor Tutorial on using a thermistor with Arduino with code examples.

What is the application?
What do you want to measure, temperature range?

There are other temperature sensors that are easier to integrate into an Arduino environment.

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By the way, it makes more sense (simpler wiring and less susceptibility to interference) to have the thermistor between pin and ground and the 10k pull-up going to 5 V.

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