Nuelectronics 2.4" TFT Touchscreen shield does not read SD card

Hey there,

This month I bought the 2.4" TFT Color LCD,touch screen shield V1.2 for Arduino Mega( and have begun trying to run the pre-coded examples they provide on the company site. Everything works bar Bitmap example and the bitmap option in the menu example and I'm unsure why. I bought a new 8Gb SDHC card that reads fine on the PC and I added a 240x320 24bit bitmap called "tiger.bmp" to the ROOT directory as the example says ( and then I inserted the SD card into the SD card slot in the lcd shield. After selecting the "Bitmap" option in the menu example a message comes up saying "cannot mount SDcard" and in the bitmap example the screen stays black.

I'm a newbie when it comes to arduino and indeed electronics, (programming is more my area) so I don't know if I have missed something obvious. Have contacted the company to see if they have any ideas, but if anyone here happens to have any, I would be so grateful if you would share them! :)

Thanks, Chris

Fixed! Turns out the SD reader only takes SD micros. SDHCs are newer and thus aren’t compatible.


I have arduino duemilanove. I want to buy same LCD (, but I am afraid, because I don't know how to control? I download the LCD library, but I think this is very complex. Can you show me How can I controlling this LCD? for example: above write: LCD test, draw a square and if I touch in the square then LCD clear, after draw a circle.