Nuelectronics - 2.8"TFT Shield

Hi everyone, Has anyone used the TFT shield from Nuelectronics yet? Or ever used the chip sets with a arduino? I'm continplating getting one, but i'd like to find out how much the arduino will be able to do with it! So examples of use would be brilliant! (Link Below) Thanks


I ordered the 2.4" version - arrived today.

I’ve tried the examples and they’re all backwards. Any ideas?

Wait, it's the right way round now (not changed anything).

Touch isn't working though...

You might want to have a look at another thread from a few days ago on this same topic.

There is a link to one of my blog posts reviewing the 2.4" version of the display. I am on holiday for the next week and am planning on taking it with me to have a more indepth play and try to fix some of the issues that I have found with it and that are still in the later version of the library. Providing I get a bit of time to look at it!

Hope it helps.


Andy :D

Thanks Andy, I'll have a look.