Numark and arduino

Hello guys!

So i want to buy an old Numark mixtrack (I think that they call it "Numark mixtrack pro 1" but its the first controller in that category) and because its really old I would like to make some modifications to it. I would like to reuse pots and buttons as well as jog wheels and mechanism and i want to add more pots anf buttons and 2 channels... Etc. but thats less important.

I plan to connect it to arduino uno.

So as far as i know i can use pots and buttons with arduino but my main concern is how to use jog wheels, because I dont even know how do they work (probably some kind of rotary encoder but i have no idea which one) and, if thats the case, do i need any additional drivers or parts or something to wire it up to arduino or i colud just hook it up with wires and handle everything else in code.

Hope that you guys can help me!

P. S. I know that I cant use motherboard and the controller itself after this but I am only interested in the parts not the actual controller!