number of output of arduino uno

hi everyone
I have a question here regarding my project;
for my project I need 8 Output of the arduino and 8 additional output to run 2 L293D ships
means I need : 16 output total

I did my prototype with arduino uno but with only with 1 L293D (and only one side of the ship) for testing
now each side of the L293D requires 2 output of the arduino; for exemple I0 and I1 for a side of the ship
but to run the L293D; I have all the time ether I0 : HIGH and I1 : LOW or I0: LOW and I1 : HIGH
so I am using 2 outputs of arduino for each side of the L293D
I was wondering if :

  • I can only use one output or arduino and reverse it so I get two output (1 high and 1 low) to run my L293D ? by doing this I am saving 4 output in my project and I get a total of : 12 ouput; is there a ship allowing to that ?
  • or should I simply use another arduino board of arduino with more outputs ?
    thank you

Arduino Mega is the easy answer and what I would use

An Uno has 20 digital outputs, 0-13, and 14-19 (marked as A0 to A5, since these 6 can also perform as analog inputs).
Are you using more pins for other things?

The arduino uno has more than 16 pins that can be used as outputs. The analog pins (except A6 and A7 on boards with the SMD '328p, which are weird analog-only pins) can be used as digital outputs as well as analog inputs.

Assuming you leave the serial lines free, you have 18 usable I/O pins on an Uno.

Anyway, to answer your question about inverting a signal, you could use an logic inverter of some description (either made with a transistor or a dedicated IC), assuming you're sure that if the two aren't switched in the right order, it won't damage anything (or use a more complicated bit of external circuitry). But as said above, you don't need to.

thank you, I did not know that the analogic pins can be used as an output,
then I have enough output for my appalication