Number of Serial Communications through Arduino Nano

I am using Arduino Nano to interface with the GPS module and GSM module. For the serial communication between the two, I was using the SoftwareSerial library. But the issue with the interfacing is that both work fine when I am using it separately but it does not Arduino does not response to any one of them when I am using both at a time. Can anybody tell me what’s the problem is?

Actually, I want to know the limitation on the number of Serial Communication, we can have.

Final_GPS.ino (3.35 KB)

How many simultaneous SoftSerial connections are you using ?

It is not practical to use two instances of SoftwareSerial. You may be able to use AltSoftSerial or NeoSoftSerial alongside SoftwareSerial.

A better solution is to use an Arduino Mega which has 3 spare HardwareSerial ports.


No, It wasn't working. I tried that too.

No, It wasn't working. I tried that too.

What did you try ? Other libraries or a Mega ?
Let's see some code that illustrates the problem.