Numbers Paint Plotter from keyboard

Hi everybody, y am brand New in this forum, and before trying to develop à project, y ask if it is feasable, Well, the goal is to print with an arduino driven plotter letters or numbers typed directly on a keyboard connected or, to print 0 to 999 numbers the same way, increasing by one at each push on a button. Goal is to paint numbers on the ground during évents. Y have no problem with the mechanical part of this project, but would be pleased to share solutions.

I suspect the easiest thing is to have GCode for each of the shapes you want to draw and send the appropriate code to the Arduino.

If you want to do everything on an Arduino then you could store the GCode on an SD Card.

Have you considered whether the GRBL program would be suitable for your project?

If you need more info it would help if you can post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motors and tell us what stepper motor drivers you are using.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code