numeric smd digital display

I have one of those digital numeric displays. I was looking for code, or reference in how to set one up to a mega 2560. Any help would be appreciated.

one of those digital numeric displays

One of what digital numeric displays.


If you call it by the right name, perhaps... "7 Segment LED display", you might actually be able to use Google to find examples but you are going to need to use a less ambiguous name if you want good results.

It's quite simple to get going, and is a very easy two-step process:

  1. Wire it in.
  2. Write code for it.

And that's as specific as any answer can be given how well crafted your question was...

I really don't know what they are called, they look like the clocks in the delorean in back to the future! Or for a ticking bomb!

That sounds like a 7-segment display... How about a picture? Or maybe a link to where you bought it from?

And here is your answer: LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You

Here it is!


230 posts and you still don't provide a data sheet, there must be a 1000 displays that look like that, and even if there was only 1 why would we go searching?

See post #3.

If you don't have a data sheet you will have to figure out the pinout yourself with a power supply and a resistor.


I don't appreciate that. I am not a technician, or an engineer, or a geek. I just started arduino about 8 months ago. I don't know where to search for that stuff. I don't have a lot of time to tinker, as i am a dad and have a full time job and school. I apologize for "bothering" anyone. I would rather you not post or attempt to help me as I am stuck with people giving me riddles for answers most of the time anyway. ok? I am sorry for taking your time to see my post and comment on it. Now if you can help, then I would be grateful, if you can't I will go my own way. I will figure this out with or with out you. Those 230 posts have gotten me quite far for a guy who never took a programming class in his life.

For those willing to help me, the 7 segment I provided is a random picture as my kit did not give any instruction or assistance in any way or form. Again, as I am new to programming, tinkering, arduino, and to the fact that I didn't even know what the 'number looky thingy' was in the first place, the chances of me finding it on google was pretty low. Please be kind.

So, after 8 months, you still don't know that to get an answer you have to ask reasonable questions?

No one here will be able to help you, no matter how ranty you get. We need (and there is NO ALTERNATIVE TO THIS):

  1. A link to the EXACT device, or the site where you bought the device.


  1. Detailed pictures if the EXACT device you have, not pictures of some random other device that looks similar to yours.

If I were asking about a problem with a Ford Escort, would it be helpful for me to post a picture of a Toyota Prius, just because it happened to be the same colour? I think not!

majenko, the comment was not towards you. I apologize. Please understand, That I know what a ford escort is. In the world of programming, electronics, and the like, I am still trying to figure out the 'ford escort' as it were. I dont the cars here, I just learned about ohms law several months ago. I literally just learned about LCDs about a month ago. I am learning, I am still not there. All I am asking is for some one who knew what the object was (7 segment), and where a library or resource can be found on it. I didn't need someone showing me a google tutorial and how to use it. It's uncalled for. I get the frustration on the forum's part, I am just asking for assistance if it can be given. I see a lot of postings, I don't comment on them just to do it, I only comment on ones I know or want to take time out to answer.

Ok, but without data it’s impossible to do much. If there was no pinout for that display in the kit then I would be on to the kit people and ask why. Where did you get the kit from? Can you provide a link for that?

However it is possible to figure out the pins for the display. One way is to get a power supply, say 5v, and a resistor, say 1k, clip the supply’s 0v to one of the pins and the 5v to one side of the resistor.

Then run the other resistor lead along the rest of the pins…heck this is going to take all night to write up, there must be a tutorial somewhere. I’ll have a look but meanwhile Google something like “finding the pinout of a 7 segment display”.

One thing is for sure, without knowing the exact pinout of that display there is nothing we can do.


The ford thing is what's known as an analogy:

Analogy (from Greek ἀναλογία, analogia, "proportion") is a cognitive process of transferring information or meaning from a particular subject (the analogue or source) to another particular subject (the target), or a linguistic expression corresponding to such a process.

But you've still managed to avoid answering our questions and providing the information we need. Are you a politician?

Well who would have thought it would be so hard to find anything about determining the pinout of an unknown display. Here are two links that might help.


It sounds like you felt irked by some of the responses given, would I be right?

You certainly put a lot more thought into justifying yourself where your time spent may have been better used in describing more precisely what you have and what you wish to do in your initial post. Would that be a fair comment?

It is ok to say you are not a technician or a geek or that you don't have certain skills with electronics, though maybe next time say this at the start. Doing so, gives us a way to relate to your skills and I'm sure most of us can relate to this and we can then be more kind, or at least appear so. That said, I do agree with others in that with over two hundred posts here in Arduino land, one would think you may have the skill of doing a little searching with al la google.

Your LED should have some numbers on it I suspect, does it?
If yes, I bet you can google that number with the wording of 'seven segment LED' or even just 'LED' followed by number. If it has a number, did you try that at all?

If the LED you have has no numbers or identification and it was part of some kit or pack you bought then I would seriously suggest you put it in the spare parts box for another day and buy a kit from somewhere else where they do give you the instructions you are needing. Would that seem reasonable to you?

With no identification markings, we are not really able to offer much help to you, and as Rob mentioned, you may just need to firstly allocate a block of time to sit down and work it out yourself with a resistor and suitable power supply.

Most of us have been here for a while now, myself included, and well, we like to talk in detail and with specifics and with some degree of clarity. I hope you would you be willing to try this next time.
They think our disorder comes from excessive late night programming, where you really do need to be careful with your details and being clear, else you end up with what some call a rats nest of a program or circuit that lets the good smoke out too easily.

Stick with it, you'll get there, but don't try to make it extra hard for yourself with a kit with no instructions.


Rockwallaby, Sun founder RFID kit. No index, posting, or letter with the kit. I don't mean to rude, but I just don't understand how posting a "how to google" tutorial a proper way to assist a person in need? Or a number of posts a person makes suggests i do not need help? I didn't even know what the item was properly called! Obviously I needed a direction. Thank you for your post. I do appreciate the encouragement.

The problem is... there are no "standard" parts when it comes to LED display. Every manufacturer has the option, and usually selects it, to build the part any way they please with a pinout of their choosing.

This means... the LED display can be multiplexed to save pins... or not and have many pins... none of use can begin to help until these questions have an answer.

If you have a 5V supply and a 330 ohm resistor... you should be able to probe the LED in the package to come up with the manufacturers "layout" for digits 1 -4 and segments A though F. Then find any old example on the web... with Google like... for example: Arduino Tutorials

If you look here:
you might get some ideas about how your part works.

Try it... learn from it... or come back here and ask questions.

But... we are still not able to help you or send you off in the correct direction... because we do not know what you have... or what you want to do with it.