NutriSmart Embedded Design

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this but I couldn't find any other that seemed better suited.

Anyway, today I found this while looking around on the internet:

NutriSmart, Yanko Design

It is a food tracking solution, that provides the user with the necessary information of the food he's eating. It looks really good, and it uses an Arduino and an RFID reader to work.

Hope you find this interesting. I did :)


I like the device - it can check if there are rfid labels in my food. If there are I might not eat it.

On the other hand I once went to the doctor and he asked me what I ate the last 24 hours. A simple RFID scanner could be held near my stomach and he would know.

Are they planning RFID's in beer too ?

Still don't like my food tagged. Seen too much nano-drones (?) from the Borg on Star Trek. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated - -

From now on everything i will eat has to be nuked with a microwave first to get rid of the rfid. Waiting for the time the microwave shows a message. "You are not allowed to microwave this product"

Nice idea, but not for me. Jeroen.

ps. The more i think about it the more i dislike the idea. Do the rfid thingys get broken down while digesting? Possible letter from health insurance/government/commercial party/anyone with a reader near a sewage: "We have noticed you eat too much of x and y therefore you have to ....." No thanks, already got a government that's fan of rfid tags. (see hint about microwave ;) )

Well, apart from the "world dominant" conspiracy theory, what I wanted to show was a technology thatused the Arduino in an interesting concept. Because, as I'm sure you know, technology in it self isn't bad, it's what bad people use it for that's bad...

Anyway, I was really hoping that it would create a simple discussion on the application, but maybe I'm naive that way...

technology in it self isn't bad, it's what bad people use it for that's bad...

The argument used by every techo working on projects from the cross bow to the nuke.

But that aside, I think it could be good for those with allergies, knowing there's say peanuts inside might be a good thing for many people.


People should just learn to eat their fruit, veggies and rice (and a steak once and a while) instead of all the preprocessed food. No additional flavouring, colouring, sweetening etc. No extreme quantities etc. 99% of the people knows (common sense) what is good for us and what is not. Tagging food with technology will not change our habits to eat too fat too sweet etc. Adding RFID's will not take the cause of that behaviour away. Let the food industry start with telling us what is in it.

I agree it might help people who want to change the above behavior, and it has its uses in hospitals and even with some allergies. However I have seen to much technology having too much side effects in my life to trust this one. And who will check the contents of the RFID's?? If the RFID says its a pear and it is in fact an apple, who is right? OK you may laugh now, but it is no different from hacked id's or passports.

I would like RFID's in my electronic's, easy to sort a bunch of resistors etc.