"NUY" Shield by 8devices.com

On the back of the Arduino Yun Shield it says "Developed by 8devices.com" So I went on that website and found the "NUY Shield" which pretty much looks exactly like the Yun shield but it's yellow and has different branding. Does anyone know if 8Devices made this shield for Arduino or if Arduino asked 8Devices if they could make one of their own?

Its actually nothing like a real YUN.

Almost everything is in different locations and from what I read it uses a different CPU.

Not seeing anything that links it to Arduino itself...LOGO etc etc etc Distributors and so on.

Based on what I am seeing I would say its some form of clone and nothing to do with Arduino

Hi Isaac100, Arduino asked 8devices to make the Yun shield. The 2 companies collaborated to achieve compatibility with the different Arduino boards and Arduino IDE. Yun Shield and NUY are exactly the same product from the HW and SW perspective. The branding is different for trademark reasons.

@marcobrianza, Thank you very much, I was wondering why both companies had the same board with different branding.