NXP 9532 - 16 hannel LED dimmer/controller - I2C - looking for arduino library

I'm looking for library for that IC, there is a lot of other vendor versions, but 9532 stays in IC name.

I need it because it is already on a keyboard with TSM12 i2c controller, and without it i cannot see the keyboard because it needs to be iluminated other way all surface is black :slight_smile: so hard to use.

I was looking around the web and i cannot find something useful.

Here is the datasheet:


And here for the touch input:

If you cannot find a library for the 9532, you can send commands to it, as describe in the data sheet, directly using the wire library. It does not seem too difficult.

Do you have a schematic showing how the ic is used in the circuit? Can you describe how you would like to use it in a basic way?

I'm trying to change microcontroler board that is build in my home's electronic lock.

The lock has got keyboard and nfc reader, keyboard is backlited

So i do not have shematic, because the pcb has got 6 layers..........

So only way is just to test command by command.

I'm trying to change microcontroler board that is build in my home's electronic lock.

There is no point to this. If your home is robbed, your insurers will not pay.

I know that, but I have a customer for Access controll system, normally i have developed the solution based on structural installations/cabling. And this hotell cannot install any structural cabling because it is under protection of conservattion officer or something like that.

The only way is to use locks that are build in to the dors, but they are offline type, and those must be online, so they must work in network in real time. And the only way is they must use the same MCU as my structural system, because it must be compatible with backend and frontend UI. Plus exchange data with other external software.

The only solution is to "implant" my MCU onboard, reprogram it to use build in keyboard and RFID reader instead of WIEGAND that is used in structural system, and that should solve the problem.

So I have installed the same lock in my home, and i'm playing with it, everything works fine, only the problem is with that freaking backlit leds :slight_smile:

But sending commands works well, but it is a mess in code, and it is already complicated as hell....

Well, if you find a library report back here in case anyone else with a similar need finds the thread in the future. If you give up finding a library, report back and we can try some test code to figure out how the chip is used.