OBD 2 with arduino Due

Hi To all of you my friends...

I hope to get your help in this.

I have an arduino due with vehicle obd2 shield (This shield has "STN1110 IC"). I am new in arduino world .. so I hope to get some help.

I need to connect this arduino with the shield between laptop and the car. The project will send a message from laptop to the car through arduion. I insert an image for the shield.

Thanks A lot .

Hi Mohammad,

it is not easy to help you, without knowing what your problem is.

The Shield has a good documentation, wiring schematics and example code here.

Just connect the shield, upload the example code from GitHub and try to send a command via serial. The command is ELM327 compatible, every so called "AT" Command will work. Also to ask for specific values. Like:

ATZ - Reset
ATH0 - Turn header info off
ATS0 - Turn spaces off
010C - Mode 01 (show current data) PID 0C (engine RPM)

Good luck!

Hi Trip.. First of all Thank you for your reply..

Simply I want to Join Arduino Due to Vehicle OBD2 shield. This job in order to send and receive all can bus messages between a car and a laptop through the arduino.

I am wondering if I can do that.. And The Arduino program how will it be???

You are using an OBD II-Shield, CAN is something different. CAN is the protocol all control units are talking with each other. There is a permanent communication between the ECU and all sensors and devices. The control units can also talk to each other without the ECU involved.

OBD II is the way you can talk to the ECU. There is no permanent/constantly data flowing. You will have to make a specific request, which the ECU responses once (or a defined number of times). What is available, can be seen here: OBD II Mode01

eng-mohammad: And The Arduino program how will it be???

There is a GitHub-Link in my first post. That´s how it will look like.

I thank you a lot trib...

I am wondering if you can help me ...

I need to make the following: use arduino due with either can bus shield or vehicle obd2 shield. I need how to connect ardino due with any shield of them. and I need a help if you have an example for the program.

I will connect the arduino due to my laptop and make a c# program to display the results..

Thanks again

No, sorry I can´t. I don´t owe one of these shields.

They are all well documented, so please read their datasheets and find out how to connect each shield. Then you´ll know which Arduino Pins are used by both of them and which can possibly changed within the code, to work around that. Afterwards, you can download example sketches from the shield manufacturers, change the pin allocation, according to your insight from above.

That´s how I´d do that. But you will not get round to read the documentation! If you don´t understand how it works, from the hardware perspective, as well as from software side, you will never get a working solution. I know it´s annoying, but nobody ever combined both shields before. So understand what they where doing and how it works, first.

Hello everyone, I’m new to CAN and I’m using Arduino DUE with a sn65hvd230
and an OBD port like shown in the picture below.

The code that I’m implementing is the one on this link on GitHub

I’m using it on a Citroen C-Elysée but it’s not returning any value to my computer. I wanted to know if there is anyone who can help me make it workand if the problem is from the software or the hardware. Thanks in advance