OBD II Can BUS project

Hi, I have a project and put simply I don't think I have the skill to make it work and would rather hire someone that could make the code, parts list and instructions for me to follow.

Goal (start simple, and understand the flow/coding)

Connect project to OBDII port 12v input to arduino project (or into a voltage reducing circuit) and send can bus message (a/c request on) 0v input to arduino project send can bus message (a/c request off)

this might be a super simple project, or not, I would rather pay for someones time for help so when I ask a stupid or stupid simple question, they would be inclined to more patient instead of "this new guy"...

Hardware: I don't have any any Arduino boards yet, as I dont know if i need more than the: Aurdino Uno Rev3 and the Can-Bus shield v1.2. I do have a 5v power supply, small bread board and jumper wires.

Job details: Provide a parts list for me to purchase Code/sketch to upload Basically a how to

I would want to be able to read the messages on the can bus and log them into microsoft excel. This link did something exactly what I would like to do and the process was pretty logical to understand.


take a log of the messages and copy them to Microsoft Excel, add a filter (like in the link) to pinpoint the message I want to use. Once message has been identified, be able to insert message into program, and associate it with 12v (high) input or 0v (low) input to send the message.

I hope this makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to read my project request, Clint