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I am new to the forum and I want to make a device but I don't know if it feasible to do it with the arduino.

I have 5 types of glass cylinders. I want to built a surface that will identify which and how many cylinders are on that surface. The surface will be 60cm X 30cm approximately and the diameters of the cylinders are from 3cm to 10cm with 1cm increment.

I am thinking of putting IR leds on the one side of the surface (placed horizontally) and to calculate how many ir sensors are "seeing" each object so i will calculate approximately the width of the object, send it to the pc application and finding which of the cylinders is that one. Initially i though of building a matrix of IR leds but i will need to many sensors. Any other advice is welcome and appreciated.

A surface that will give me the relative coordinates on the surface and the area of each cylinder, is also perfect for me, if there is an already made product on the market.

I am willing to pay for help or construction. Thank you very much.

It sounds to me that you would need a video camera looking at the underside of a translucent surface and then use some image processing on the image. This sounds like the sort of project where you need to use the power of a PC or Raspberry Pi rather than an Arduino.

will a resistive multitouch surface meet my needs? where can i buy one at a reasonable price?

will a resistive multitouch surface meet my needs?

No I don't think it will.

will a tactile pressure sensor surface work?

will a tactile pressure sensor surface work?

Don’t they work with a video camera?

If you use a camera then reacTIVision is designed specifically for what you're doing.