object motion recorder

I am currently working on a project in which i need to attach an acc/gyro or whatever works to the side of something and record how it moves up and down. what im looking for is a real time readout of the gravity or force when it goes up and down. i have a breakout board with mpu-6050 on it but im not sure if this will do the job. i am very new to arduino but just looking for some advice thanks

what im looking for is a real time readout of the gravity or force when it goes up and down.

In most parts of the universe, gravity is a constant. Why would you need a real time readout of a constant? The force required to move an object is not measured with an accelerometer. It would be measured with some other device that detects pressure.

Time to unveil the mysterious device you are alluding to, and reveal more details.

ok that was a typo i meant G forces. My whole goal with this project is to attach this to the side of a freewight and for it to count reps for me. and the best way i was thinking to do that was to use an accelerometer. any helpful ideas would be great

I would have thought you could detect cyclic up/down movement using an accelerometer, if you only want to count the number of times it was moved. In theory I guess you could go on from that to calculate distance traveled, force and power (given the mass) but I think it would be a lot harder to get accurate results for that. Just counting up/down movements sounds pretty straight forward though.

yes that is what my goal is here i was just trying to get some info on the best hardware to do this with. Right now i have a mpu-6050 acc/gyro but im finding it hard to find example code for it online. I was wondering if there was a more beginner way to get this accomplished. thanks

Although you have a gyro there too, I think the accelerometer is all you need.

Can you get an acceleration reading from the sensor? That would seem to be a fundamental starting point.

Maybe start here http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/MPU-6050