Object Tracking


I would like to know how to make my Arduino follow a given object. I want to put some sort of sensor (maybe a pinger) on a mtor and have it pan back and forth. When it finds an object, I need it to follow the object. Does anyone have any idea on how to do this?





I would be trying to track a walking person.

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You are not very helpful.

You are not very helpful.

And you're not helping us to help you.
What is doing the object detection (you have to detect or segment an object from its background before you can track it).
What range?
What scene clutter?
Is the object aware that it is being tracked, and is it compliant?

If you tie it to the object using a piece of string, it will follow the object.

Mate, you're a genius.
This solution also has the added benefit that it requires no programming skills whatsoever, though Boy Scout knotting skills may come in handy.

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As will the string library.

Sorry, I didn’t realize it wasn’t very clear. Thanks for the tips, though. I think this project is a bit to advanced for me. I’m a beginner. Thanks!

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So what the project was we will never know =(

Hahaha.. You guys are really sick ]:smiley: :grin: very humorous...

Well, basically what I wanted to make was a sentry gun. I wanted to have the Arduino control a paintball gun, which would be on a stand. When someone came by, the paintball gun would aim at them and fire. It would also follow them, or track them. I was hoping I could use some sort of Ping sensor to track them and use servos to control the paintball gun. One servo for up and down and one for left and right. I would also have one for the trigger, to pull it. To answer #2's question, the scenery would be a paintball field and the sentry would track people.

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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