objective - C RCOIP.h library

hello guys, i am creating an app on my iphone, and i want to send data to an arduino that uses RCkit library. can i use RCOIP library to my objective c code to send data? how can i do this? how can i define the host that i want to send the data and how can i send them? because i am confused. thank you!!

Perhaps you might find these to be useful references? http://australianrobotics.com.au/news/iphone-robot-control-with-rctx-app-and-rcoip http://www.open.com.au/mikem/arduino/RCKit/index.html

thank you! i read the documentation of RCOIP.h and ti says that "RCOIP protocol is used to carry remote control commands from a Transmitter to a Receiver" and i understand that i can use it in my objective - c code to send the values for each channel. is that write? but in the documentation of this class there are just structs and not any functions to send the data.