Obligatory first post to say hello

Hello all! I'm studying electronics, and just recently got introduced to the Arduino micro-controlling world. Hope to bump into some interesting people that I can learn some things from. -Tri

Hi and welcome.

Watch your step. Don't go bumping into people, that's annoying. Let's hope we all can learn a bit every visit here. Don't forget to read the manual / beginner's guide, you can find an introduction and a link to that in every forum over here.

I'd probably consider myself an advanced beginner. I've done a bunch of reading, and I have tested numerous examples from this "Programming Arduino" book that I purchased. I'm currently working on a project, and I am trying to incorporate a 16x32 RGB LED matrix panel purchased from adafruit to make a game. I hope to one day be able to code something like their gfx and panel libraries.